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99% of our students come from outside of Mirpur and thus we know accomodation is a major issue for our students. Subject to availability we have accomodation we can offer you on a first come, first serve basis. This needs to be booked as soon as your seat for a course is confirmed.

Rooms are offered on a sharing basis, monthly rent is 6,000 per person. Check the table below for the cost of individual course accomodation costs. Please note It is not compulsary to stay with us.

If our accomodation is not to your liking. We would be more than happy to help you find alternative local accomodation with hostels or 3/4/5 star hotels. For this you can call us or write to us.

Accommodation Charges Table
Course Name Duration Charges* Security*
Videography 18 Days 4,000 5,000
Graphic Designing 30 Days 6,000 5,000
Game Development 120 Days 24,000 5,000
WEB PHP Development 60 Days 12,000 5,000
Per Month 30 Days 6,000 5,000
For Extra Days* 1 Day 300 5,000
  • All fees are to be paid in advance or on a monthly basis.
  • A Refundable deposit of Rs.5,000 will be taken and returned after room inspection when you leave.

  • Facilities Azad Chaiwala Accommodation Jinnah boys hostel Lotus inn Hotel
    Phone 0305-8750695 | 0582 7450450 0345-2907727 0322-9926799
    Total Fee 6,000/- 7,500/- 45,000/-
    Security 5,000/- 3000/-
    Room Description Bed + Full Bister + Attach Bathroom Bed + Takiya Double-Bed + Full Bister + Attach Bathroom
    UPS (Generator)
    Drinking water ( Refrigerator )
    Room Limit 2 to 3 person per room 4 person per room 1 or 2 (Own Choice)