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What will you learn?

  • How to program in C#.
  • How to use Unity 3D to make games.
  • How to make mobile games for Android and iPhones.
  • How to make PC Games.
  • How to develop games both independently and within a multidisciplinary environment.

Who is the Course For?

  • For you, if you want to be skilled.
  • For you if you want to make money
  • If you want a career in the creative Gaming industry.
  • If you want a better alternative to any fazool degree.

What Are The Benefits?

  • You will learn a valuable skill in only 4 months. (not 6 years of college/university, after school).
  • You will get a mega confidence boost.
  • You will be able to make money in a short period after the course by getting a job or freelancing.

What is your return on investment (ROI is very high)

  • The course fee is only 400,000
  • After completion & practicing your skills for a few months, you will be good enough to be hired as a junior game developer for a minimum of 20,000 to 25,000 / month. Once your experience builds, in 6 months or so, expect a minimum monthly salary of 50,000.

This course is not for?

  • Not RATTA based, everything is practical.
  • Not going to waste many of your qeemti years.
  • Not for anyone looking for a certificate. (certificates are only available upon request and subject to charges)
  • Not for anyone who cannot use a computer. But don't worry we have a Basic Computer Course
  • Existing Game Developers.
Ali mir Instructor at AzadChaiwala

Instructor: Syed Asad Ammar

has been developing games at AceViral for over 4 years. 50+ of his games have accumulated more than 100m Game Plays on popular app stores like Google Play Store & Apple App Store. His aim in teaching this course would be to set you on the right path to assimilate ...his achievements and then exceed it in a shorter period than it took himself. Abdul Qadir qualified as a computer systems engineer. In his own words this has had no positive or negative impact on his career as an amazing game developer.

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Zain Instructor at AzadChaiwala

Instructor: Adil

is a Senior Game Developer at FOG.COM, with experience of four plus(4+) years as a game-play programmer, with successful published products on the Google Play Store and Webgl (PC). His expertise is in making games throughout the game ... development lifecycle. Adil is fueled by his passion for the understanding of game designs and game playing. Adil strives to write clean and cache-friendly code.

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400,000 Rupees (Payable Monthly 1 lac per month)


Next Batch Start

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Class Size

10-12 students max each class



4 hours per day, 4 Months

Why are we some of the best people to teach you?

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over 2 billions

game players

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400 millions


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200 millions


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(Game Pickle) 100 millions


Some of Our Games

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Frequently Asked Question

When will the course start & finish?

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How Quickly will I See results?

You will start seeing the results of your skills almost from day one. You will finally come to know what real education is and it has nothing to do with memorizing boring textbooks. You will immediately feel proud of yourself and your own serve worth will go up. With regards to earning from your skills, that depends on multiple factors. The first factor is how fast of a learner you are. The second factor is how much practice you do after the course is finished. We generally recommend not applying for any jobs or starting your freelance career until you have practiced and sharpened your skills for at least one month. During that time, we'd like you to focus on building a quality portfolio of your work.

How much does accomodation cost?

For the duration of this course the accommodation cost is Rupees 24000 for a total of 4 Months. We do not provide food. Our accommodation is only available to our students & is subject to any vacancies. To book or for further help with your accommodation requirement, you may call us during our open hours. Our staff member will gladly assist you with your needs.

Do I need to buy text book?

No, because hum aap ko Game Development paraateh nahi but rather sikhate hain. Ratta is banned at our institute.

Are there any course requirements?

Yes, you must be able to understand English and you must be able to use a computer, up to mid-level at-least.

Poori information mil gayi? Abh Skill Seekho Aur Life Badlo :)

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