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Technically, HTML "Hypertext Markup Language" is a programming language. Whether or not some people consider HTML a real programming language is not terribly important for your or Pakistan's success.

HTML along with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are declarative programming languages. They are basic statements declaring how web pages should be displayed in browsers.

Vast majority of programming languages involve writing computational code (the part of any website, app, software that creates functionality). In practical life HTML & CSS both are used to assist & often in correlation with scripting languages such as JavaScript & PHP etc.

Most successful programmers began their coding journey with HTML and CSS. But these days you'll not be able to build something revolutionary or get a job solely based on basic HTML alone.

That said, we have a severe shortage of competent programmers that can write code in computational languages & the Pakistani education system is failing to produce them. Our 4 hour HTML crash course has been developed to give you a quick taste of what programming is, to help you make a more informed career choice and to give you the confidence to pursue advance learning via free (self learning) or paid (short term institute courses). In simpler words.... doodh ka doodh, Paani ka Paani.

Frequently Asked Questions

Previously it was paid but now it is free.

The course is taught within 1 day, max 4 hours, with one break.

A very very basic one, this course is to give you an absolute taste, keh programming hoti kya hai. (Ap ko nokri nahi mile ge par ap budhu nahi raho ge)

The benefit is that within a few hours you'll get to know what it means to be a programmer, how programming works. So you can make a better career decision, whether or not programming is what you really want to do in life. It will also help you to either get started with free online tutorials or via a paid courses... that teach you advanced programming languages.